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Opportunities and options for textile service through new innovative C2C fabrics

The issue of sustainability has arrived in the general public. Especially in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and the Netherlands, the market is well developed on this issue and it is becoming apparent that demand behavior is changing. Therefore, real estate clients and textile service companies are increasingly demanding convincing solutions from their partners in the textile chain. A total transparency is desired and is solved impressively by the high standards of Cradle to Cradle®. In addition to the biodegradability of all materials, Cradle to Cradle® also takes into account the use of energy in the textile production chain, as well as carbon management, the responsible use of water and social fairness in production. Sustainability gets a whole new dimension here.

However, the holistic Cradle to Cradle® approach can only be developed in close cooperation with partners across the textile chain, which is why we have set up a Europe-wide network with licensees who, as experienced partners of the textile service industry, take over the design and manufacture of the clothing.

With VINATUR® yarns and fabrics, Inogema has created a textile raw material that will change the textile world in a sustainable manner, because for the first time powerful fibers and fabrics are made available that can be returned to the biological material cycle of the earth after use. On this basis, clothing solutions can be offered that fulfill an ecological sustainability promise - to a degree previously unknown.

After being used, the garments do not end up in waste or have to be disposed of, but are compostable and the basis for new life and new raw materials, an infinite cycle of resources can thus be realized. This possibility, the worn material by an industrial composting back into the biological cycle, that from it without harmful side effects again the basic material for new life and thus for the emergence of new materials created is fascinated.

VINATUR ® fabrics therefore meet all the requirements for durability and maintainability, e.g. be demanded by the textile service providers. The technical performance in terms of color fastness after many washes, tear resistance, pilling etc. is excellent. But VINATUR ® can do more. It is a blended fabric consisting of VINATUR® staple fibers and Tencel® fibers from Lenzing or GOTS certified cotton. The use of Tencel® ensures that VINATUR® tissue offers a better climate management function compared to standard fabrics, because moisture is absorbed and released more quickly. The Tencel® content also increases the wearing comfort. And last but not least, all VINATUR® products comply with the Cradle to Cradle® principle. We have obtained the C2C Gold certificate for both VINATUR® yarns and VINATUR® fabrics. The system is complemented by accessories such as buttons, zippers, cords and elastic bands, which are also based on the polymer-based VINATUR® and meet the criteria of the biological cycle. The successful test analogous to DIN EN 15797 was a 'must'. Drying has additional benefits because VINATUR® dries faster than standard fabrics. That saves energy.

The disposal of workwear at the end of the respective product life cycles has been a major challenge for textile service providers, ie leasing companies: In most cases, thermal disposal is still used today - unfortunately associated with corresponding material residues and harmful CO2 emissions. With its partners, Inogema offers in any case the return of all garments to be used for industrial composting. This relieves the burden on textile leasing companies and allows us to return the material to nature in a controlled way. The past have exceeded our expectations; they show that the tissues completely decompose within 15 months. Inogema works closely together with the company Loacker from Lustenau in Vorarlberg who operate there suitable industrial composting plants. Since the life of the C2C clothing is as long as that of conventional workwear, we still have time.

With these novel products, Inogema wants to raise awareness in the market. that we can not indefinitely make use of nature and, at the end of product life cycles, return waste that causes great harm to our environment. As a driver of innovation in the industry, we see the possibility of making products available to the market that, once used, can be recycled back into the biological cycle without harmful residues. From the economic point of view, this also means for us at the present time that we are encountering a market and demand gap, because we offer fabrics with o.g. Properties that are also suitable for the production of industrially washable workwear due to their excellent technical performance.

With this new groundbreaking innovation, the topic of sustainability of industrially washable workwear is taken to a new dimension:

VINATUR® yarn and fabric are a friendly proposal on our planet!

Powerful decision-makers who not only want to talk, but want to make their company fit for the future - not least for the benefit of future generations - are our partners. Of course, the requirements of the textile service are kept in.

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