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The Vinatur® principle

Already in the Middle Ages, craftsmen wore clothes that protected them from dangers and that also signaled their belonging to a certain profession. Since then, professional, protective and image clothing has continued to develop and is now leased ('rented' ) by many companies and public institutions from textile service providers. They take care of provisioning, maintenance and regular professional Laundry – of course, the workwear should be as durable as possible. In order to ensure this despite extremely high mechanical stress at work as well as with frequent industrial laundry, a high polyester content has usually been added to the fabrics so far. Ecologically sensible? Let's say there is potential for optimization.


The cradle® principle ("from cradle to cradle") follows the principle of waste = nutrient: two cycles are defined (technical and biological In which material flows form a closed circulatory system. Products manufactured according to the Cradle to Cradle® standard do not have a negative impact on the environment and do not leave waste after the end of their life cycle, as according to the principle of waste, this acts as a nutrient for the new products.

For this purpose, INOGEMA has fabrics and ready-to-wear accessories for industrially washable workwear, which are the Cradle to CradleTM ('From cradle to cradle') - Meet the requirements for biological recycling and still offer full functionality, developed and market it under the Vinatur® brand.

The aim is to ensure that in the future no more waste is generated by disused workwear, because all materials, i.e. both raw materials and all added aids such as dyes etc. pollutant and residue-free can be fed back into the biological cycle, i.e. composted. 

Sustainability and technical performance are combined with each other in clothing made of Vinatur®.

The return of the products to the biological cycle by Inogema GmbH closes the circle.

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