C2C Workwear fabric and accessories

C2C Fabrics and sewing ingredients for workwear



Vinatur® Workwear fabric & accessories

Vinatur® Workwear fabric & accessories are safe for biological systems, offer a climate control function, are suitable for industrial laundering with excellent performance results for easy care, light fastness, high abrasion and pilling resistance. The product is designed and qualified to be used for work wear as well as for other high performance textile products and applications.

Vinatur® Workwear fabric & accessories s are Cradle to CradleCM certified at gold level: After use and more than 50 cleaning cycles the products will be collected and forwarded to an industrial composting facility where the textiles will safely transform to humus - which then means living space for other organisms: new life is generated.

You can find the current INOGEMA collection in the download area



Inogema Vinatur® toolkit

Inogema Vinatur® toolkit which contains accessories like Sewing Thread Embroidery Thread, Elastic and non elastic Tapes, Buttons & Press Buttons is available on made to order bases only. 

Please contact us for an order of fabrics or the Inogema Vinatur® Toolkit

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